Cardonal, a vineyard owned by the Vildósola family, is located in the Maipo Valley highlands, 43 miles south of Santiago. The family for years has shared with its unique clientele the love and pleasure for high quality wines. At Cardonal we are aware that each wine is a most special live being, with its own soul, body and roots, which has to be reared with passion and dedication.

Character of our wines, forged in the silence of the wines cellars, comes as the final results of the close identification of our enologist with his wines. Their taste, texture, color and glow have the seal of the fertile lands they come from, their magnificent vines, and the family soul which gave life to the vineyard through experience and wisdom.

Essential to their seal of excellence is the Mediterranean climate in which these wines have developed. Summer weather can undergo temperature fluctuations of up to 68 degrees Fahrenheit between day and night. Dry summers, typical of this specific region, are part of the overall ripening process of the grapes.

A proper irrigation system allows us to maximize the advantages of many virtues found in the Maipo River whose tributaries, mainly the Inca stream, springs from ancient glaciers in the majestic Andes. These waters enrich the soil, allowing the creation of fine quality wines.

When the ripening of the grapes reaches their optimum level, they are hand picked, in a very gentle process in tune with our quality standards.

Land, weather and technology, brought together by men have permitted Cardonal vineyard to grow a wide variety of grapes with strong character and excellent quality. This is a attested by our different types of wine, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Carmènere, Chardonnay and Gewurzttraminer.

Cardonal vineyard has developed a premium wine using the Cabernet Sauvignon selection grapes. Characterized by a taste of extreme red fruit which intermixes with a touch of vanilla and cloves as a result of the wine being reared in French oak barrels. It is a wine of a velvety body which flows agreeably and slowly through the palate, leaving a unique aftertaste, with the expression and elegance of Alto Maipo wines.

“COSECHA DE HERMANOS” (BROTHER'S HARVEST), was distinguished with “THE SILVER MEDAL OF CATAD'OR- HYATT 2005”, a find blend, where the complicity between Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Cabernet Franc intensely express, in the purest fashion, the various qualities of the grapes. This wine captivates us for its interesting combination and balance of ripe red fruit, prunes and a subtle spicy meat aroma. This aroma complexity is mirrored in an exquisite palate revealing a medium body and a lingering and fascinating finish.

Finally our varietal line called “DON CARLOS”, to honor the vineyard's founder, uplifts us with the excitement of the varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Carmènere and Chardonnay grapes. In their composition these wines are uniquely characterized by demonstrating a harmony of color, aroma and flavor, surprising us with their excellent acceptance, that daily captures the most knowing palates in our country and abroad. They have become fine representatives of Cardonal wines to many of our clients' homes.

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